First time blogger-please be gentle

Hi everyone! I’m Kyle and a rookie at this whole blogging thing. I’ve secretly always wanted a blog of my own since I first read my friend, and former college roommate,  Chris’ blog in college, but my life has never been that interesting so I never persued one. 

But anywho, my wife and I recently put our change together and bought our dream home; we moved in April 8th.  The 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2800 square foot house was originally built in 1893 and fully remodeled in 1993.  The lead and plaster was removed, the whole house was rewired and drywalled, a new septic field was added, and our garage with loft was built, plus some other fun things I’m sure we haven’t discovered yet-those owners spent alotttttt of money!

Below is what it looked like the first day we moved in.

Over time, those things once updated have turned outdated. Which leads us to where we are now….UPDATING!  As I have completed different projects and posted them on social media, I have been asked to explain how I did them, to see more, and even a few requests for a blog-you ask and you shall receive! 

Now, to start, I haven’t taken pictures of everything I’ve done so some of the blogs will just be finished product. From here on out, I’ll do my best to take pictures as I go and try to explain things, too.

Ok, so let’s start with our kitchen floor. The color was sooo 1993 and the grout that was between the tiles was disgusting-it was one of the first things we wanted GONE. Here’s a picture of what the tile looked like (you’ll see lots of Murphy and Otis-they love photo opps. They also have their own instagram @LifeOfMurphyAndOtis).

So, here I thought that I was going to take a sledge hammer and go all Dwayne Johnson/Terry Crews on the tile and have it torn up by hand in one weekend-wrong.  After 30 minutes of banging the hell out of this floor with the sledge hammer (and a few adult soda pops), I learned that I may have been a little unrealistic.  This led to Jenny and I taking trip on down to Home Depot, her favorite store (sarcasm) to rent an air chisel.

I only wanted to rent it for 4 hours but Jenny and the tool rental employee said that I should rent it for 24 hours and if i happened to get it done in 4 hours, we would only be charged for the 4 hours-challenge accepted!  I returned that SOB after 3 hours and 55 minutes and only paid for 4 hours! 

I don’t have a picture of what the floor looked like during but after the tile was cleaned up, here’s the resulting mess.

For those who don’t know, tile should be placed over cement board, which goes over top of the sub floor. As you can see, the tile was applied directly over the subfloor and when I removed the tile, the thinset remained.  This is an issue seeing as I need a flat surface in order to put down our new wood planks (below).

A chisel wouldn’t work, a scraper wouldn’t work, and I was getting quite angry…until I figured out that I could use a grinder with this attached:

And after a few hours, I had successfully removed all the thinset and ready to lay flooring!

*Disclaimer* this makes a HUGE dusty mess-be prepared!

One box at a time, I started laying the floor. Here is the load we had shipped to us-21 boxes, covering 420 sq. ft. The kitchen dining room and half bathroom only equal about 380 sq. ft but I wanted to make sure I had more than enough.

Now for the record, I had never put down wood flooring before on my own, except for a few planks at the old house.  I understood the concept and the tools to use and just went to town. 

Here’s where I started and the nailer I bought.  As I went, I just made sure that the planks offset and made sure to use longer pieces in high traffic areas. Logically, this seemed like the most durable way to lay this floor and after getting halfway done, I read the manufacturers recommendations and this too was what they suggested.  

Over a 2 week period, I would come home from work and lay floor until bedtime, little by little, I made progress. 

During this past memorial weekend, I was hellbent on completing 3 projects-finishing these floors, sanding some woods floors, and then our half bathroom. We’ll just say I got 2 1/2 projects done. 

These are the finished kitchen and half bathroom floors:

The most difficult part of these floors without a doubt were in the half bath. I don’t know what it was but they gave me trouble.

We are very satisfied with these floors and they turned out great! The next blog will probably my process sanding our original wood floors. They turned out great! Stay tuned and ask any questions that you may have 😁


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