Simple dog bowl holder

I’ve got another easy project I’d like to share with everyone! When we brought Otis home, I already had a bowl with a stand from my old pup, Shelby. Jenny and I painted it and thought we were good; then we brought Murphy home 4 months later and ran into a bit of a problem.  Murphy always wanted to eat and drink out of the big dogs bowl! 

He would rebel by pouncing on his bowls until they spilled (water bowl only-he doesn’t waste his food and DEFINITELY doesn’t miss a meal).  So, we learned that we would need to get them matching bowls and raised holders. I came up with using crates as the holders by just flipping them over.

Here are the ones I bought from Michaels.

We also picked up matching bowls from TJ MAXX so that everything was uniform.

What I did first was put each bowl upside down and traced the bowls out. Before cutting out the holes, I had to reinforce the crates from the bottom.

After that, I simply just cut the holes out to size. Be careful not to cut the holes too big because you can’t go back!

Here’s what they looked like after being cut.

Here’s what they looked like after being sanded.

Next, I just stained each crate! I used an espresso/polyurethane stain in one.  

This is after the first coat.

This was a super easy project and only took a couple hours.

This is the finished project!

The dogs love them and Murphy no longer tries to flip his bowls! 

Next blog, I will show everyone how to hang a barn door INSIDE the house.